11 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

11 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

Every person has, at least once, thought of what it would be like to be able to earn money without doing anything particularly tiring. Affiliate marketing looks like an obvious choice in this situation. But is it really what it seems to be? Let’s dive deeper.

11 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

1. Very Competitive

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start your own online business; obviously, there are many people just like you who are eager to start earning heaps of money this way. Be ready for competition.

2. No Control Over Affiliate Programs

You have no control over how you want to market. You can only choose from the pre-existing affiliate programs, and often there won’t be much variety.

3. No Guarantees

There’s absolutely no guarantee you will earn as much as others do. There’s simply no magic formula for having a steady income, or any income whatsoever.

4. No Customer Base

Affiliate marketing does not rely on repeat customers. It’s just not wired for that.

5. Are you sure you can work from home?

Freelance jobs are not for everyone. It requires a lot of effort. You may have to spend most of your time advertising and receive next to nothing of a response.

6. ‘Spam’ Marketing

As just mentioned, you will have to advertise a lot. And no one likes to get spammed by low-quality, or even high-quality ads.

7. No Pricing Control

You have no control over the pricing of the products. Moreover, you will often have a fixed commission rate for your work set by the company.

8. Hijacking Affiliate Links

There’s a big chance your customers might just search for the product they need and find it elsewhere.

9. Time, Time, Time

It’s very hard to get started. Because there is so much competition, it will take you time to get established and noticed.

10. Bad Affiliate Partnerships

As in any other sphere, there are bosses that might refuse to pay you for your work.

11. Choosing Your Product

And lastly, it might get pretty hard to choose the product you want to be selling.

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